We are committed to having the best athletic program for female athletes who attend Tustin High School, with our primary objective of being in a position to enhance the student athlete experience thru the sport of soccer.

The most important aspect of our student athletes while in High School is academic achievement. High academic performance results supports our student athletes understanding of how to study, time management, problem resolution, and how to prioritize. Academic success is a prerequisite to athletic opportunity in soccer at Tustin High School.

I believe that each player should be provided the opportunity to make decisions, both good and bad. I support my players with situational recommendations, but empower them to make decisions. I believe that it is important to be held accountable for actions and decisions one makes. Additionally, I believe in the principle that the will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win. When you are competing and you are truly tested against an opponent who is either your equal or superior, you must honestly know that you have earned the result, know that you have trained harder, longer, endured more hardship, and made more sacrifice. I believe that self-assessment with integrity will allow you to look at yourself in the mirror after a loss and say there was not anything more you could have done. I am confident that our players will not have to look in the mirror often. The time and effort expected from our athletes is significant with the needed result of immense mental strength and physical fitness.

Competition is the basis of the teams mental and physical training. As a team, we chart most activity which we do, fitness activity, small sided games, goals scored, assists, every win-loss-tie being recorded. We want players to train in an environment that is demanding- environments that replicate game conditions. Games are competitive, training must be as well. We ask players to identify problems that various situations pose so that their team can win. Players must remember that practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

A team is a collection of individuals, but for a team to be successful it must be more than that. A successful team is a group of individuals driven by a common goal. We ask our players to never make good be enough, make better be best and make better become great on a day to day basis on and off the field. I want our student athletes to consistently overachieve.

I never thought I was going to be working with student athletes as a coach of soccer but somehow my proven career path has led me here, to be in a position to make a positive difference in the development of student athletes on and off the field thru the sport of soccer. Each morning I get up looking forward to working with our school administration, athletic director, booster organization, coaching staff and most of all our players on a Dailey basis. I believe we have developed a program with a foundation that we can consistently season to season compete for CIF qualification. I am confident that we will continue to be successful both academically and athletically. We have an excellent High School with a proud and rich tradition in both the classroom and the athletic field.